South Korea to import less US pork

30-10-2007 | |

A decline in pork imports from South Korea is predicted for 2008 according to a report from the USDA’s Foreign Agriculture Service office in Seoul.

It is expected that pork imports from the US will be at 97,000 metric tonnes in 2008, signalling a drop of 23,000 metric tonnes from the imports in 2007.

Banned bone parts
The reason for this decline is the expectation that Korean imports of US beef will increase significantly in 2008 as, according to the USDA office, “US exporters are finally beginning to comprehend how the Korean inspection system functions. Shipments of beef were denied in the recent past for containing bone-in-beef, which is banned in Korea. The import forecasts for 2008 do not contain these banned bone parts”.

A major decline is forecasted in the consumption of pork and poultry which had increased due to lack of access to US beef.

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