South African CSF outbreak ‘under control’

16-10-2006 | |

The South African department of agriculture said the latest Classical Swine Fever (CSF) outbreak in the Eastern Cape can be called under control.

The province was declared a CSF controlled area on 7 April 2006. For that reason, the country culled large numbers of infected pigs.

As a result, the number of cases decreased considerably, despite persistence in some areas.
Nevertheless, the South African department of agriculture extend the campaign to eradicate the CSF by another six months.
This means that it remains forbidden to take live pigs, pork or pork products out of the region. Roadblocks have been established at the borders of the province to enforce the ban on movement.
A surveillance programme is being conducted in all provinces to spot any early detection of the disease. Pig owners have been urged to protect their pigs from exposure to diseases.
The outbreak of CSF was regarded as an extension of the 2005 outbreak in the Western Cape which was the first in South Africa since 1918.
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