South Africa discovers outbreak of African Swine Fever

18-01-2012 | |

South Africa has reported an outbreak of African Swine Fever to the Organization of Animal Health (OIE).

The outbreak was discovered located on a farm in the Mpumalanga province, in the North East of South Africa. Pigs were found to be sick in a slaughterhouse in Gauteng. In total, 35 pigs were found to be infected, and 28 had died.
Total amount of susceptible animals was 80, so 52 pigs had to be culled, leaving no pigs on the farm and the abattoir was also empty.
The outbreak occurred outside South Africa’s ASF control zone. As we speak, the source of the outbreak is being investigated.  It was first confirmed on January 6 and reported to the OIE in the end of last week.
Control measures now include quarantine, movement control inside the country and disinfection of the infected premises. There is no vaccine for African Swine Fever.