Soufflet enters feed ingredients market

25-09-2008 | |

A major actor in milling and malt production, the French family-owned company Soufflet now enters the market of feed ingredients as a new player.

Soufflet launches a new product called AVIMALT, obtained from a food technology very similar to malt production and called solid state fermentation. This technology allows wheat to produce endogenous metabolites that “improve” wheat from the inside and allow a better access to nutrients. AVIMALT may be used for every livestock species, especially monogastric ones.

AVIMALT is used in mash feed as well as in pelleted feed in the label-segment. Avimalt is a powder and can be added to the feed before or after pelleting. Because of the sugars from the malting process the product has a sweet taste and a good palatability. Several very interesting zootechnical trials have been carried out and showed a major interest in using AVIMALT.

More generally speaking, SOUFFLET has initiated a major R&D approach, through a program called OSIRIS and worth a total of €77 million over a period of eight years of which €31 million is granted by the French government. This program explores the potentialities of the solid state fermentation technology in several areas including animal feed and bioethanol production.

More information on AVIMALT and OSIRIS in “La Revue de l’Alimentation Animale (juillet-août 2008) » and Feed Tech (octobre 2008).

SOUFFLET team will be pleased to welcome you in the World Poultry Show section, stand No 11A44.

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