Sommen introduce the new unique climatecomputer for pork and poultry houses at viv europe 2010

28-03-2010 | |

Sommen, Dutch manufacturer of process computers for ventilation, feed- and water systems for both pork as poultry houses. Supplier of complete solutions for ventilation-, feed- and water systems: Computers, fans, inlets, outlets, feedsystems, watersystems etc.

At the VIV Europe 2010 SOMMEN will introduce new unique KVS2 Computer and ventilationsystems based on vacuum.

Eye-catchers are the KVS2 climatecontroller for pork and poultry. This computer has the ability to control ventilation in 36 rooms(!).


Besides this SOMMEN recently introduced its SOMMEN-TOUCH, a PC based solution for ventilation management of your entire stable-complex.



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