Smithfield: US born, raised and processed label

25-09-2008 | |

As a vertically integrated pork company, Smithfield Foods owns or controls by contract a large share of the animals it processes in the United States. Vertical integration provides an unparalleled level of traceability and food safety for Smithfield’s customers and consumers.

The company also has robust procurement programs based on independent swine producers that supply high quality, market ready pigs. This unique supply network enables Smithfield to offer its customers safe pork labelled as born, raised and processed in the USA in compliance with the soon to be effective Mandatory Country of Origin Labelling (mCOOL) program.

Given this system in place, effective April 2009 Smithfield currently intends to procure only hogs born and raised in the US for processing at its US fresh meat facilities and will label fresh pork for retail as born, raised and processed in the USA.

Smithfield expects that any independent producer who wishes to be a valued supplier of live animals to Smithfield will work with the company between now and the end of March to create a fully documented and transparent supply of hogs born and raised in the USA.

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