Smithfield investing in Romanian pig farms again

17-02-2009 | |

The world’s largest pork producer and processor Smithfield Foods intends to invest another €20 million in Romania, according to Romanian press.

According to these reports, a new site will be built near the Romanian city of Gataia, near the border with Serbia, and the new facility will be housing about 10,000 breeding sows. Allegedly, the project is about to set off – apart from a couple of environmental permits all is arranged.

In the end of last year, the pork giant had announced some strategic rethinking of the investment programme. To prevent possible environmental damage, the company would like to modernise finishing houses and include the most modern techniques.

Smithfield Foods entered the Romanian market in 2004 by acquiring the local company Agrotorvis and has an annual sales in this country of US $145 million. Due to Classical Swine Fever, exports from Romania are not yet possible.

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