SmartWinch: The new solution for flap control in pig houses

01-02-2012 | |
SmartWinch: The new solution for flap control in pig houses

In February 2012 Hotraco Agri will introduce the SmartWinch: the new winch motor. Combined with its own power supply and emergency positioning, the SmartWinch is a complete solution for controlling the air inlet flaps in poultry and pig houses.

By using smart electronics and the easy-to-handle HotButtons, potentiometers or end switches are not required any more. 
SmartWinch, PS-100 and HNO-PS: a strong team
The Hotraco SmartWinch is a 24V AC/DC winch motor controlled by a 0-10V signal and a pulling force of maximum 160 kg. The completely brushless motor works with a stepper motor principle, so without potentiometers or end switches the exact position can be determined electronically.  The PS-100 power supply is suitable for 1 or 2 SmartWinches and equipped with a manual control. When a power failure occurs, it is possible to send the SmartWinch to a pre-set emergency position. This can be both open and close, as even a manual position.
The SmartWinch is one of the Hotraco products which are equipped with the HotButtons. It’s an easy and quick way to calibrate the motor by using 3 pushbuttons. Setting with the HotButtons is done electronically and once fixed, the position will not run faulty anymore. In this way the cap of the SmartWinch can be kept close. Therefore installation of the SmartWinch is a piece of cake.  
The SmartWinch can be equipped with a range of accessories, such as a cable drum or a single or double belt drum.  Because of the design of the SmartWinch it can be mounted very easy against every wall by using the appropriate mounting bracket. This can be expanded with extra counter plates for mounting against a sheet pile for example. Of course the motor can be mounted in any kind of position. Finally a maintenance switch can be delivered and a hand winch is one of the possible additions.
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