Sloten launches yoghurt product for young piglets

02-06-2010 | |

Dutch animal nutrition company Sloten has launched a new pre-weaning solution, developed to keep more piglets with sows. The product, called Nuklospray Yoghurt, will be promoted for the first time at the upcoming edition of EuroTier, in Hanover, Germany, 16-19 November.

In trials, additional feeding through the yoghurt product from birth to weaning, an average increase of one piglet per litter could be seen. This equalled a potential yield of €60 on average per sow per year. This growth profit is gained through higher vitality, reduced mortality, increased weaning weight of more than 500 g and a smoother transition to solid feed.
Increased dry matter intake; increased weaning weight
The yoghurt product has a rich composition and specific yoghurt form. It contains more dry matter than regular milk replacers, providing piglets with more energy as of day one. This way the need for artificial and foster sow is reduced.
Piglets also grow better. This results in an increased weaning weight of over 500 g per piglet. Because the piglets consume yoghurt in addition to sow milk, they soon become used to solid feed, which eases the transition before and after weaning.
Keeping more piglets with the sow
Litter size of sows has increased substantially. Nowadays, litters of more than 14 piglets are no exception. Sows having 14 teats are not able to feed all piglets sufficiently. Milk production is too low to fully exploit the piglets’ growth potential. If no measures are taken, piglets will suffer a deficit.
Additional feeding with this yoghurt product immediately following the colostrum period is instantly applicable to every farm. It is a solution to keep more piglets with the sow.
Since 2006, Sloten has been a part of Nutreco’s Trouw Nutrition.

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