Shorter is better!

25-07-2011 | |
ter Beek
Vincent ter Beek Editor of Pig Progress / Topic: Pigs around the world

You may have noticed that our weblogs have become shorter recently. Why?

For a long time, the weblogs have caused really good exposure for our websites, and of course we have always been happy with these contributions!

But were they weblogs as a weblog are meant to be? Apart from them being very good content, and interactive, I felt there we may have needed some spicing up. I felt as an editor, I needed to use the Web’s endless possibilities some more.

In my view, the Web can distinguish itself from the magazine by providing shorter pieces, more regular, being snappy, and perhaps commenting quicker on events happening in the world of pigs. I am aware that it takes time, and myself have to get used to it as well.

Just check this place more often and you’ll find more regular posts, with more crispy statements or quick uploads, all related to the international pig industry.

Still considering whether we’ll use the blogs old-style as online columns in the future. Glad to take in your vision! Let me know!

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