Scottish pork specially selected for Sainsbury’s

17-10-2008 | |
Scottish pork specially selected for Sainsbury’s

Supermarket consumers looking for truly Scottish pork products will have an easier time thanks to a new move by UK supermarket, Sainsbury’s.

‘Specially Selected’ brand
The supermarket is moving to Scottish pork, ham and bacon in their stores north of the border. It will be identifying the products with Quality Meat Scotland’s ‘Specially Selected’ brand which this year receives a £200,000 marketing boost.

Laurent Vernet, Head of Marketing at QMS, said: “Sainsbury’s are working with their existing supplier Vion Halls to increase the number of Specially Selected Pork lines from Scotland. 

“The store has also increased its Scottish bacon range, with Malcolm Allan and Simon Howie providing a new range clearly identified as Specially Selected Bacon from Scotland. Use of the brand will allow the store to promote the fact these products are coming from farm assured origins.”

Future sustainability
QMS will continue to work with buyers and suppliers to ensure product is clearly identified in-store. Laurent said: “Support for Scotland’s farm assured pig products from such a major retailer is critical at this time, with recent research showing that the Scottish pig sector needs to increase its sow numbers to ensure future sustainability.”

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