Schaumann releases Sauenfit 1312 for sows

30-03-2012 | |

German animal nutrition company Schaumann has launched Sauenfit 1312, a new liquid Vitamin B12 supplement to increase sow vitality during the perinatal period.

Ensuring ideal conditions and keeping sow health up during the perinatal period is a key aspect of piglet production. Increased litter sizes often mean long and exhausting births, so it is important for the sows to be able to mobilise additional energy reserves.

Schaumann’s Sauenfit 1312 liquid supplement supports the energy metabolism and lessens the impact of the post-partum energy dip.

The product contains high levels of Vitamin B12, which is involved in a series of metabolic processes. It supports cell division, the formation of new cells, blood formation and the production of coenzymes. Sauenfit 1312 provides ideal support for vitality and regeneration in the post-farrowing period as well.

Field trials
Field trials confirm increased vitality, faster farrowing and earlier milk let-down.

The liquid active ingredient is available as 6 x 1 kg containers and 10 kg containers. Using the dosing unit, the quantity required can be added directly to the sow’s trough at feeding times.
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