Saskatchewan benefits from pork restructuring package

20-08-2009 | |

The Saskatchewan Pork Development Board expects the benefits of a federal pork industry restructuring plan to spin throughout the provincial economy.

The federal government recently unveiled a pork industry restructuring plan which will include government backed credit, incentives to help struggling operations transition out of the industry and funding for international pork market development.

Sask Pork general manager Neil Ketilson says historically pork production in Saskatchewan has been profitable but a combination of factors over the past two to three years, including the high value of the Canadian dollar, high feed costs fueled by competition from the ethanol industry and higher transportation costs due to the loss of the Mitchell’s plant have made it challenging for producers to make ends meet.

Ketilson says Saskatchewan’s pork producers are adjusting to the new realities and, over time, he’s convinced the challenges will work themselves out and the industry will become profitable again.

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