Sainbury’s pay more to British pork producers

19-10-2007 | |

The British retail chain Sainbury’s announced yesterday that it is increasing the price it pays to its British suppliers of pork, ham, bacon and sausages in order to support the beleaguered British pig industry.

The move will inject a substantial £5m (€7.1m) into the industry.

According to Stewart Houston, chairman of the National Pig Association, “pig producers are under severe pressure as a result of the doubling of feed prices and foot and mouth restrictions in recent times. Sainbury’s has come to our aid to secure its supply of high-quality British pork in these difficult times.”

Sainbury’s pork buyer, Matthew Johnson said, “we have increased our prices to pork producers to demonstrate our support for the British pig industry and we hope that we will help alleviate not only the effects of foot and mouth, but that of increased feed costs.”

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