Safety injector receives NZ Innovation Award

23-06-2010 | |

A safety injector, developed and marketed by New Zealand agritech company Simcro, received a top prize in the country’s Agritech Innovation Awards.

Sekurus Ultra is a ‘self-tenting’ safety injector for the delivery of animal vaccines. The needle guard and two-step mechanism allow operators to administer one-handed subcutaneous injections efficiently and precisely while keeping hands clear of the injection site.

The device thus prevents operators from accidentally injecting themselves with a vaccine intended for animals.

Accurate placement
The injector also maximises the efficacy of the vaccine because it ensures accurate needle-placement. The drug is released when it’s placed at the correct depth in the animal’s skin. Accurate needle placement also avoids bruising the animal and causing it stress.

The product was launched in New Zealand in February. The injector was originally developed and customised for the delivery of Bopriva TM, Pfizer Animal Health’s new vaccine for cattle.

Simcro’s international partners include several larger international animal health companies. The company currently exports over 90% of its products to more than 65 countries.

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