S.Africa requests EU to de-list meat exports

22-11-2007 | |

The EU is to decide by December whether to de-list South African exporters for meat and meat products.

The move follows a request by the South African Agriculture Department yesterday to remove pork, poultry, honey, lamb and milk from the list of exports to the EU. Tsoto Sehoole, spokeswoman for the Agriculture Department stated that the request was made as the products had not been exported for over a year and South Africa did not want them to undergo EU monitoring tests.

Safety concerns
Speculation has risen as to whether the move was prompted by EU safety concerns. Last week, the European Commission’s health spokesman, Philip Tod, did confirm that the EU had recommended delisting of these South African commodities following a visit by EU officials to the country in June.

During their visit, inspection of measures to control contaminants and residues in live animals and animal products was carried out.

Their report revealed that South Africa was selling some veterinary products over the counter that are banned in Europe. Concerns were also expressed over South Africa’s failure to carry out adequate testing and controls on animal medicines.

The lucrative ostrich meat exports from South Africa to the EU will not be affected by this latest move.

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