Russians to build large pig farm

16-10-2007 | |

Meat Industry Company, based in Moscow, has announced that it is going to build a farm in Spring 2008 of 30 hectares with a capacity for 100,000 head at a cost of 800 million roubles (US $32 million).

This large farm will be situated in the region of Orenburg – around 15 km from a plant which the organisation supplies.

Production will amount to 11,000 tonnes yearly, thus fully covering the plant’s need, according to Andrei Yeriskin, general director of Meat Industry.

Reduce imports
Russia is aiming to reduce the number of pigmeat imports by 2012 by significantly boosting its domestic pigmeat production.

One of the largest Russian meat producers based in St Petersburg, the Meatland Group, has also announced that it will build a slaughterhouse in the Kursk region at a cost of US $72 million by the end of 2008. It will have a capacity to slaughter 250 pigs on an hourly basis.

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