Russians building large pig complex in Chelyabinsk region

20-05-2011 | |

The Russian Chelyabinsk region, located between Ekaterinburg and the border with Kazachstan, will soon be having a new pig complex housing 1 million heads.

Constructions will be implemented by ‘Ural bacon’. Construction works will begin in August 2011, and, according to forecasts, the transport of livestock to the complex will begin in the middle of 2012. The project agreement for the construction of the pig complex and to attract funding of more than 20 billion roubles (US$713 million) was signed in Moscow by Chelyabinsk region governor Mikhail Yurevich and Maxim Basov, general director, Rusagro Group.

The investor intends to build not on one big pig production site, as it used to be common in the past, but instead it was opted to go for 32 separate isolated production areas in the region’s Uyskogo and Chebarcul districts. This will cover a large area and will thus be safer in terms of animal health and sanitation. 

It is also planned to build a large facility for production of animal feed (60 tonnes per hour), large production units of slaughter and meat processing. The agreement stated that the company-investor returns into the agricultural sector 30,000 ha of land, to grow corn which will be used to produce the grain component of the diet for the animals. 

Investors engage at least 20% equity of the project cost in the construction. Full complex capacity – production of 120,000 tonnes of pork per year, is planned to be reached by 2015.

(Vladislav Vorotnikov)

Editor of Pig Progress / Topic: Pigs around the world
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