Russian pork market to become competitive

15-01-2008 | |

Pork production is expected to expand greatly in Russia in the coming years.

The Russian Institute for Agricultural Marketing (IAM) has predicted that pork production is to increase by 10% in 2008 to 1.8m tonnes in comparison to last year.

By 2012, the Institute expects a further expansion to 3.5m tonnes.

Modernisation of production facilities in the last few years is one reason behind the increase.

Consumption of pork has also risen 2.6kg since 2004 to 17.1kg in 2006. It is expected to increase to 30kg by 2012.

The IAM advises Russian meat producers to focus on improving the quality of their product – among others, of the slaughterhouses in light of predicted increased consumption. At the same time, producers should also attempt to reduce their operations costs.

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