Russian government takes drastic measures against ASF

20-10-2011 | |

Another two outbreaks of African swine fever that has been registered by Rosselkhoznadzor this week in the Slaviansky and Starominsky regions of Krasnodar prompted Russian authorities to take preventive measures against the spread of the virus across the country.

Since November this year, farmers will not receive any indemnity for losses of animals as a result of ASF if the special veterinary committee concludes that this happened due to non-compliance with safety measures at the enterprise. According to official statistics, since the beginning of the year in the Krasnodar region compensation was about 97 million rubles (US$ 3.13). Experts note that the new Russian government decision will lead to the situation where almost in 90% cases compensation will not be paid. 

It has also been reported that particular regions will now be allowed to actually prohibit private pork farming. This has already been apparent in the Belgorod region, Krasnodar region and Stavropol region, where the authorities in cooperation with large agro industrial holdings are currently working on program details to buy all pigs from private property. 

The farmers will be invited to explore another agricultural sector. But the authorities do not intend to reimburse the entire cost of damages to the pork farmers – the average amount for the program realisation per single region will only be about 2 billion rubles (US$ 64,6), which is hardly half the cost of compensation. 
(By Vladislav Vorotnikov)