Russia reduces quota on pork imports by 30%

26-07-2011 | |

On Friday July 22, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin announced that quota on pork imports in 2012, will be about 350 thousand tonnes, while in 2011 a similar figure is 500 thousand tonnes.

The declared parameters completely satisfied the representatives of the pig industry of the country who plans to almost cover the domestic demand by 2015. The Prime Minister also noted that in 2011 it will import 600-650 tonnes of pork into the country, while the total production of pork in Russian farms will amount to 2.4 million tonnes

“According to our calculations, the production of pork in Russia this year will be at even slightly higher level – about 2,43-2,45 million tonnees,”said the head of the executive committee of the National Meat Association Sergey Yushin.

“We expect to increase pork production by 2015 to 500-600 thousand tonnes compared to 2010. In the most favourable scenario, we can increase production to 1 million tonnes by 2015. We have a huge list of companies that are already building pig complexes with pigs fattening in early 2012,” said the expert.

Mr Yushin also added that even with the complete saturation of the domestic market it will not abandon the import supplies. The expected level of saturation of the domestic market should lead to lower prices for pork in the next two to three years.