Russia raises US pork quotas for 2008

23-01-2008 | |

Russia has raised its quotas for US pork, poultry and frozen beef imports for 2008, according to Interfax News Agency.

Its pork import quota has risen to 49,800 metric tonnes from 49,000. Poultry imports have gone up to 901,400 metric tonnes from 871,400 and frozen beef to18,300 metric tonnes from 18,100.

At the same time, import duties have been raised on pork and poultry and lowered on beef.

For fresh, chilled and frozen pork, duties have increased to 60% of the customs value but no less than €1 per kilo, from 50%, but no less than €0.83 per kilo.

The duty on imports of poultry and poultry by-products has been raised to 60%, but no less than €0.48 per kilo from 50%, but no less than €0.4 per kilo.

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