Russia: Pork production increases 27%

11-11-2009 | |

Russian pig breeding industry is steadily developing, according to official data provided by the leading Russian agricultural magazines.

By Evegen Vorotnikov
The number of pigs in August increased by 1.3% compared to the previous month and by 6% compared to the same period of last year. In total, from the beginning of the year the number of pigs in Russia increased by 22,6%.

The total volume of pork production in Russia during January-August 2009 increased by 18,6% compared to the previous year. In August the level of pork production increased by 27% compared to January 2009, however it fell by 9% compared to July 2009.

A similar trend was observed in the case of pork imports. In August, the volume of imports decreased by 9% compared to July, however they increased by 2,7 times compared to January 2009.

In August, pork wholesale prices in Russia amounted to 115.6 rubles per kg (EUR 3), which is 0,5% lower than in July and only 0,8% higher than in January 2008.
The consumer prices amounted to 228.9 rubles (EUR 5) per kg, which is 0,3% higher than last month and 2,7% higher than in January. The average price for live pigs from the beginning of the year grew by only 5%.