Russia: new ASF outbreaks and spreading in the wild

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Russia: new ASF outbreaks and spreading in the wild

Russia has registered four new outbreaks of African swine fever (ASF). Two of them occurred in the Tver region, one in the Krasnodar region and one in the Yaroslavl region.

In the Tver region, the disease killed two sows on the private farm “Nash put” in the village Zavidovsky Gorkha in Kesovogorsky district. As it was reported by the Office of Rosselkhoznadzor in Tver and Pskov regions, the fall of pigs on the farm began on 15 August. Laboratory tests conducted by Russian Institute of Veterinary Virology and Microbiology, have confirmed the presence of ASF virus in the carcasses of the dead animals.

In the wild
All remaining pig livestock (84 in total) on the farm were culled according to veterinary instructions.
Rosselhoznadzor has also reported numerous cases of sick wild boars. The Service is treating ASF in the wild pig population as a single outbreak. ASF was found in the carcasses of 10 wild boars in the Bezhetsky, Kashin and Rameshkovskom areas of the Tver region.

At the Federal meeting of Rosselkhoznadzor on August 16, it was noted that measures to reduce the number of wild boars in the infected areas of the Tver region are being carried out effectively. It was also criticised the work of regional veterinary services.

In the Krasnodar region an outbreak was registered  in a private household of the village Ilyinsky of the Seversky district. The farm had three pigs, which had already died. No additional culling of the neighbouring farms was required. The distance to the nearest outbreak of African swine fever is about 50 kilometres.

Also on August 16 the experts identified the virus of ASF in the private farm of the village Solotskovo of Nekouz district in Yaroslavl region. According to the report the 20 pigs in the village are to be culled.

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