Russia: National Union of Hog Breeders founded

08-07-2009 | |

Russia’s largest domestic hog breeders have united to found a new special association, the National Union of Hog Breeders, to help Russia become a world leader in pork production.

Until now there has been no such non-commercial organization which would protect economic interests of the industry.

Pursuant to the Meat Union’s data, pork production grew 8% to about 2m tonnes in Russia in 2008. Pork and by-product imports reached 1.2-1.3m tons last year. According to experts, in five months of 2009 the domestic pork production increase dynamics remained at 8%.

More than half of the country’s pork output is produced in private farms and only one fourth of the meat volumes is produced by large farms using of state-of-the-art technologies. Experts are sure large enterprises are able to make domestically produced pork competitive in the national and world markets.