Russia: Farm owners could be imprisoned for violation of animal management

23-01-2012 | |

In the new federal law draft ‘On Veterinary Medicine’, which should be the primary regulatory framework of Russian veterinary services for the fight against African swine fever, a new amendment has been incorporated.

Violation of veterinary rules in animal management at pig farms farmers will be subject to criminal sanctions. Heavy fines and prison sentences of varying lengths will also be carried out.

The need for upgrading of penalties at a recent press conference has been confirmed by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov, “the heads of districts and regions are negligent of ASF, while the farmers nowadays violate even the most basic farm animal health rules and regulations, ”said Zubkov. 

“Veterinary services sometimes even hide the fact that there has been an outbreak. In November 2011 in the Krasnodar region nearly 550 violations were recorded, another 320 appeared in Rostov Region, and 250 in Kursk region. “

“Persons, responsible for the occurrence of ASF will be brought to justice,” he added. The exact size of the penalties for violations is still not clear. Currently, the maximum penalty for violating the veterinary rules is 1000 rubles (US $31).

(By Vladislav Vorotnikov)