Russia: ban use of frozen beef, pork, poultry

21-05-2008 | |

The Russian authorities consider to ban the use of frozen meat in meat products into sausages, hams, dumplings and other products.

At the moment, the Russian ministry of Justice takes a look whether the plan is feasible. The ban can possibly have grave consequences for imports and the industry in general, meat industry officials said.

Russia imports around 30% of the beef and pork it consumes and 40% of its poultry meat, the majority of which arrives in frozen form. There are restrictions in place, e.g. by tariff quotas.

Russia’s main importers of beef and pork are Europe and South America, mainly Brazil and Argentina. The majority of imported poultry is shipped in from the USA.

The plans were launched by Russia’s consumer rights watchdog Rospotrebnadzor. “The order will become effective if the ministry finds that it does not contradict the legislation and endorses it,” a spokesperson said.

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