Russia and Belarus bans pork from Lithuania

21-06-2011 | |

Classical Swine Fever in Jonava district, Lithuania has caused Russia and Belarus to ban the import of pork from Lithuania.

According to the Trading Ministry’s, it has been decided to temporarily restrict imports of live pigs and pork products from Lithuania until the complete elimination of all outbreaks of the virus, stated a report by “Mano ūkis”.

Russia’s food safety experts have promised that the export of live pigs to Russia from Lithuania will not be allowed until all outbreaks of Classical Swine Fever is successfully eliminated. 

Live pigs supplies to Russia stopped on 1 June, when Classical Swine Fever was discovered in the three complexes at a farm in Jonava district. It is also important to note that Russia is the main sales area for Lithuania pork industry.

Belarus has also banned imports of pork from Lithuania, which temporarily halts the import of live pigs and products, as well as trophies, made of wild boar. Belarus has applied the same sanctions on Russia.

The import of pigs, their products and raw materials have been banned from the Tver region of Russia where found African Swine Fever was discovered recently.