Russia: African Swine Fever spreads to the north

01-03-2012 | |

In Segezha city of the Republic of Karelia in north-western Russia, another outbreak of ASF caused the death of eight pigs on a private farm, Rosselkhoznadzor reported.

The results of the pathological material study that has been taken from the dead pigs shows the presence of viral genetic material of African Swine Fever was detected.
Preliminary results of the investigation indicate the most likely source of infection is pre-fabricated food waste from district hospitals and kindergartens. Currently it is conducting all the necessary arrangements for the localisation of infection and prevention of further spread of the disease, according to Rosselkhoznadzor.
All the pig stock at farms and all correctional facilities in this area will be destroyed  – in total 552 animals will be culled and incinerated. Also all the wooden buildings on farms will be destroyed, as they cannot be disinfected.
This is the most northern point at which an outbreak of ASF virus has been revealed in Russia. According to experts of Rosselkhoznadzor, the dangerous disease has already spread beyond the borders of southern regions, and now new outbreaks can be expected in the whole of Russia.
In Krasnodar, where ASF is most rife, local farmers find it very difficult to work because there is always existing danger of ASF. Also, Rosselkhoznadzor holds regular checks, which resulted in many farms, to temporarily lose their license, even for non-serious violations of veterinary regulations.
(By Vladislav Vorotnikov)