Roxell: Excellent performance in 2011

14-02-2012 | |

In 2011 Roxell recorded its highest level of turnover ever. Roxell exports to more than 80 countries. Although Europe still represents a vast share of the total sales, more than 50% is achieved in other markets. Strongest growers are Asia and South-America.

Roxell’s local presence in Malaysia rapidly developed from a logistical hub to a complete operational unit including sales, customer service and supply chain staff, a warehouse and assembly facilities. Sales in the area exceeded expectations by more than 50%.
The company owes its reputation to its innovative systems, the sound investment policy, the talent of their dedicated employees and more than 150 specialised distributors all over the world.
Over the last two years personnel grew by 25% to 220 co-workers. In the same period Roxell expanded their production and shipping facilities including new loading docks. A new phase in the expansion started recently and will, amongst others, include the construction of a new Innovations Centre. Works should be finished this autumn.
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