Roxell distributor announced in Finland/Poland

03-10-2008 | |

Farmi Tilatech OY in Koski, Finland, and Roxell reached an agreement regarding the distribution of Roxell feeding and drinking systems in Finland.

Farmi Tilatech OYfounders, Kirsi en Marko Nummela, both have an agricultural background and run their own farm of 3000 pigs. This experience made them realise that growers in the Finnish market have a need for good service and follow up and therefore decided to become an equipment distributor themselves.

To respond to the growing opportunities in Poland, Roxell added one extra distribution point in Lodz. Elmak, the new distributor, will be covering central Poland, whereas Aves (Murowana Goslina, near Poznan) serves the west, Hodowca (Straszin, near Gdansk) the north and Inwest Agro (Moticz near Lublin) Southern Poland.

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