Romanian’s pork standards too high for domestic producers

13-11-2006 | |
Romanian’s pork standards too high for domestic producers

For the second year in a row, pork was Romania’s top agricultural import in 2005 (almost US$ 400 million worth), due to the fact that domestic supplies are low and of variable quality.

Romania’s decision to implement EU regulations prior to the country’s accession raises potential national treatment concerns under the WTO, as the measure holds third-country meat products to a higher standard than Romania’s own domestic product.

The regulation sets standards which limits US exports to Romania. Starting October 1, 2006, US pig meat exporters were only allowed to ship to Romania only from EU approved plants. Despite this, US swine meat exports to Romania have had a significant growth this year.

In terms of quantity, the exports grew by almost 150% during the first 4 months of the year, compared to the same time period in 2005, from 3,096 mt to 7,546 mt.

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