Romanian requests EU to allow pork exports

16-11-2006 | |

Romanian pork processors have requested that the government ask the EU Commission to allow exports of pork from non-swine fever infected areas.

In 2003 Romania was banned from exporting live pigs and pork due to continuous outbreaks of swine fever .
“We’ve asked the ministry and the veterinarian authority to discuss with the European Commission to approve a lohn-working system. The units processing pork imported from locations without swine fever should be allowed to be exported into the EU,” said Mihai Visan, director of the Romanian Meat Association.

Visan added that because pork producers will not be allowed to market their products in the EU, the industry will face significant pressure if the ban is not lifted before Romania joins the EU.

The EU Commission recently announced the allocation of €9.720 million aid package for Romania to monitor, control and eradicate pig diseases in 2007. This decision was approved by the Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health (SCOFCAH).
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