Romanian pigmeat industry suffering

20-11-2007 | |
Romanian pigmeat industry suffering

Demand for pigmeat is rising in Romania while shortages in pig production continue.

According to the German market association ZMP, Romania is different than most European countries – only one million of the six million pigs reared there are used for commercial use.

Pig breeding
On average, less than five animals are reared by each of the 2.6 million pig breeders. Most slaughtering is carried out on a small scale with one quarter of the total on a commercial basis.

EU membership requirements and modernisation will inevitably change this situation involving the introduction of more organised wide-scale slaughtering practices.

A fall of 20% in sow production was registered this year in comparison to 2006. The number of pigs slaughtered has increased, which, according to experts is causing depletion of stocks as pigs are not imported.

On top of that, to aggravate the situation, an outbreak of classical swine fever occurred in Eastern Romania in October this year and harvest failures have driven up feed prices.

Experts predict that sadly only one in four meat producers will reach EU standards and access the market by the end of 2009.

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