Romania resumes CSF vaccination

20-10-2006 | |

Romania will be resuming on-farm vaccinations against classical swine fever (CSF) soon, the website of the US Department of Agriculture says.

Vaccination will resume on November 1 in smaller farms and on January 1 next year in commercial farms.
To comply with EU requirements, Romania stopped vaccinating in smaller farms as early as January 2003. In the beginning of this year, the country stopped vaccinations in commercial farms too.
The result hasn’t been too positive as this year alone 416 have been reported, affecting 4,200 pigs. All cases were identified in the smaller farms.
The current situation is alarming, so the Romanian Veterinary Agency shall be introducing an identification system consisting of two different vaccines: the marker vaccine (M) and the C virus vaccine (V), which is alive but weak.
This system will guarantee full traceability and will ensure that meat from vaccinated animals is consumed only within Romania.
Last month, the EU’s Permanent Veterinary Committee approved the request of the Romanian Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority to resume vaccination against CSF .

Pig export ban

Romanian pig exports to other EU countries have been prohibited since January 1, 2003 and due to the CSF outbreaks the ban shall not be lifted until at least the end of September 2007.
Exports will be permitted again when CSF is eradicated and vaccinations have completely stopped for at least six months.
The EU will provide and fund the vaccines to carry out the vaccination programmes.
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