Rising feedcosts: destroying pig production

15-04-2008 | |
Rising feedcosts: destroying pig production

Spanish pig producers are struggling with rising feedcosts.

Such is the opinion of Anprogapor, pig industry association, which estimates that 15% of the 70,000 pig producers in Spain have ceased production.

Production costs in Spain are around €1.20 per kilo of delivered weight, while market prices half-way through 2007 were around €0.90.

Anprogapor has stated that around 200,000 sows were taken out of production to reduce the number of piglets. This action resulted in an increase in market prices, but not high enough to generate more profit.

The problems have been caused through drought, which the Spanish have been struggling with for the last four years.

Provincial governments have been calling for more water from elsewhere, for example, from their neighbours, France.

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