Rise in NZ pork consumption

02-02-2007 | |

In 2006, New Zealanders consumed a record of 20.6 kg of pork per capita, according to the New Zealand Pork Board’s Annual Report for the year ending 30 September 2006. This is half a kilogramme more per person than in 2005.

Chris Trengrove, the Board’s Chairman, said that pork consumption in New Zealand is increasing, as is demand.
There has also been an increase in the amount of pork imported to New Zealand which has reached record levels. “Forty percent of our total consumption now is imported,” says Trengrove. In 2006, almost 45% of pork imports were from Australia, 27% from Canada, 18% from America, 9% from Sweden and the rest from China, Thailand and others.
Trengrove, however, says that New Zealanders prefer home-grown pork and it is a challenge to raise public awareness and to ensure that 100% New Zealand Pork is the consumer’s first choice.
“In order to maximise growth projections and add value to our product, our industry will need to strengthen links throughout the supply chain.
Producers, processors, wholesalers and retailers will need to make a long-term commitment to work together as a partnership,” he said. “We will then be better able to meet consumer demand for 100% New Zealand fresh pork and processed products year-round.”
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