Rise in Danish pork exports

28-09-2006 | |

In the first six months of 2006, Denmark exported 8% more pork than in the same period in 2005.

The rise predominantly happened in pork cuts, about 11%; however, carcass exports remained virtually unchanged.

Europe and Russia

Exports to both Europe and Russia were responsible for the increase from Denmark.
• Germany Exports to Denmark’s south neighbour rose by 20%, mainly driven by more pork cuts and processed products, possibly to help offset a slowdown in the rate of increase of indigenous production in this year.
• UK Despite a drop in bacon exports, total exports rose 5%.
• Poland A 36% increase was to be seen from January to June, mostly in the form of pork cuts.
• Russia A rapid growth happened – from 14,000 metric tonnes in 2005 to 57,000 metric tonnes this year.
• Japan To this Far East country, about 30% less pork was exported, possibly driven by  a recent decline in consumption and increased confidence in beef and poultry.
Total pork exports to non-EU countries remained more or less the same.

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