Responsibility and cost sharing report aims to cut animal disease

16-12-2010 | |

The Radcliffe report on responsibility and cost sharing, published earlier this week, is aimed at cutting both the risk and cost of animal disease, something that agrees with the aims of BPEX.

The Independent Advisory Group on Responsibility and Cost Sharing believes the overall objective of responsibility and cost sharing must be to reduce the risk and cost of animal disease and improve the welfare of kept animals. 
The Group also believes improving the effectiveness and value for money of Government policy and delivery is key.
It says a fresh start is needed in this area of policy so trust between animal keepers and Defra can be rebuilt and maintained.
BPEX Chairman Stewart Houston said: “The recommendations are a further positive step in the reduction of risk of disease outbreak and spread within the livestock sector.
Pig industry embraces working together
“The approach of working together, recommended by the report, is something that the pig industry has embraced successfully in respect of other industry/government projects such as the British Pig Health Scheme.
“The pig industry would welcome opportunities to participate actively in this as it develops. The Pig Health Scheme strategy is now being revised and will take into account developments in responsibility and cost sharing.”
Source: BPEX