Report calls for delay in pig confinement buildings

02-01-2007 | |

A recent report calls on US states to a temporal halt in construction of livestock confinements until further research draws a clearer picture on environmental effects.

In the report, the team called for more research into the effects of livestock confinements.

“Although sufficient research exists to support action to protect rural residents from the negative community health impacts of (confinements), additional research could be conducted to further delineate mechanisms of effects and impacts on susceptible subgroups,” said one of six reports from work groups.


The team endorsed the American Public Health Association’s call for a moratorium on new confinements until some of the health questions can be studied.

Representatives from pork industry said the report left out important scientific papers and drew conclusions that are not supported by scientific findings. They said that research has shown that operations meeting current regulations hardly pose any threat.

The research team was led by University of Iowa toxicologist Peter Thorne. The scientists’ report was published in the latest online edition of Environmental Health Perspectives.

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