Reducing Salmonella in pork production

20-11-2007 | |

A new report in the Journal of Food Protection (Volume 70, Number 11, November 2007 ) investigates the possible approaches to control salmonella in pork production.

The focus of the study is centred on possible methods of controlling the disease within pork producing facilities and post-slaughter without the use of subtherapeutic antibiotics.

Salmonellosis is a disease that can affect humans and is usually sourced in contaminated food products. It can remain dormant within pigs, thus creating the possibility for carcass contamination. Slaughterhouses do implement strict procedures during processing however,the presence of Salmonella can remain in some pork products.

How can this be reduced? Through combining the vital roles of veterinarians, pig producers, industry and government in issuing guidelines and management practices aimed at promoting the health and welfare in pork processing.

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