Record pork consumption in New Zealand

28-01-2008 | |

A record of 21.4kg of pork per capita was consumed by New Zealanders last year. Producers, however, are struggling with increasing costs.

According to the annual report of the Pork Industry Board, pork consumption has increased by 0.8kg in the year to September 2007.

Chairman of the Board, Chris Trengrove, stated that the upward trend in pork, bacon and ham intake will continue.

Trengrove commented that producers have not escaped the high costs and decreasing returns that are affecting pork producers all over the world. The rising cost of feed is the main culprit.

A labelling campaign to promote New-Zealand pork, bacon and ham as ‘local products’ has been launched as the sector faces increased competition from cheap imports.

The response so far to the campaign has been positive. Producers are aspiring towards a lift in returns soon through further increasing demand.

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