Rear pigs and make millions in Uganda

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Rear pigs and make millions in Uganda

Demand for pork is rising rapidly in Uganda reaping large profits for pig breeders.

A few months ago, a kilo of pork was sold for sh2,800 (US$1.6), now it sells for between sh3,500 (US$ 2) and 4,500 (US$2.5).

So why is supply low?
According to the ministry of agriculture statistics, there are about 6 million pigs in the country. However, pigs are generally not reared on a systemised, commercial basis.

Potential breeders are advised to begin small with 10 piglets, which will cost sh400,000 (US$229) with an additional sh500,000 (US$287) for an 8 by 8 feet shelter.

Information is provided by the National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) and the Ministry of Agriculture about pig breeding.

Ssemazzi Zake, a farmer with 5 acres in the Kawempe Division, earns quite well from pig breeding on what was formerly a trial farm. His farm is well-organised, each pig has its own cubicle with water and sunshine provisions.

His pigs are kept for a period of five months and are then sold weighing between 40 and 50kg. Average price is sh90,000 (US$51) to sh100,000 (US$57), which is not bad for potential entrepreneurs in this large east-African nation.

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