Reality show ‘Pig Brother’ underway in Austria

23-04-2009 | |

Austria’s latest reality show, Pig Brother, began this week. For the next six weeks, four little piglets Piggy, Lilly, Pauli and Fredi will be followed by live cameras and their private lives splashed across the Internet, all part of a marketing ploy by a local food fair, Speck Spectacle.

Each week, viewers will get to vote for their “Favourite pig of the week” and each Sunday, the little porkers will have to take part in Pig Olympics to gather the points needed to win. The goal is to be named “Super Pig”.

True to reality-show format, the piglets – philosopher Pauli, diva Piggy, friendly Lilly and courageous Fredi – will be filmed non-stop for a month and a half as they eat, sleep and roll themselves in the mud. And like true stars, they even have their own web-based diaries.

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