RASE launches Pig and Poultry Live 2009

22-01-2009 | |

A new pig and poultry event tackling key issues along the food chain will be launched this spring, reports Farmers Weekly.

Organised by the Royal Agricultural Society of England in partnership with ABN, Pig and Poultry Live is aimed at producers, as well as retailers, packers and processors.

Using new voting technology views from different parts of the chain, such as retailers, producers and processors will be sought during a live panel debate, which will kick off the one day event on May 13th. “It will offer producers an unprecedented and exclusive insight into the views of different parts of the supply chain. And it will, hopefully, show how the industry can meet its challenges to ensure a long term, viable food supply,” explained RASE technical events manager Alice Bell.

Technical and business workshops will offer practical tips on managing poultry flocks and pig herds. The day will finish off with a final opinion from each of the panel on the most important factor influencing the supply chain followed by a concluding vote from the industry.

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