Quebec pig producers to receive PMWS aid

08-02-2008 | |

Quebec’s pig farmers hit by PMWS are to receive a CAD17.5m (US$17.2m) aid package involving direct aid and interest-free loans.

Announced in December last year, the package will be delivered in two parts.

The first aid package will be direct aid for PMWS-affected hog feeding operations for farmers who have signed up for the federal and provincial agricultural income stabilisation programmes, CAIS (known as PCSRA in Quebec) and ASRA, for the programme year 2006.

Up to two-thirds of the value of the pigs affected by post-weaning multi-systemic wasting syndrome (PMWS) will be covered by the aid due to be paid out in February.

La Financiere Agricole, the provincial agricultural lending agency, will oversee the programme.

The second part of the programme involves a 24-month interest-free period on loans of up to CAD$50,000 (U$49,000) for pig producers whose herds were hit by PMWS in 2006.

A 12-month interest-free period will be offered to hog farmers who took part in the provincial aid programme for PMWS in 2005.

More information on the loan programme can obtained at a local Financiere Agricole office according to the provincial government.

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