“Putting the OIE Standards to Work”

24-10-2008 | |

The Second OIE Global Conference on Animal Welfare, held in Cairo, Egypt (20-22 October) rallied support from all OIE Members and partners for worldwide implementation of animal welfare standards worldwide and assistance for developing countries in this field.

Global action
“The Conference has reviewed the state of animal welfare legislation and practices worldwide and has identified specific challenges in several regions and countries. There is already a strong consensus in support of OIE animal welfare standards, but more action is needed globally to improve their effective implementation,” Director General of the OIE, Dr Bernard Vallat, said.

This view is supported by a World Bank study on “Livestock and Slaughter Waste Management”, which found that animal welfare practices in markets, transport and abattoirs are generally absent from national legislation in many countries. According to the study, animal welfare controls are also missing, in part due to a lack of knowledge on the issue and of public resources.

In addition to reviewing the state of the implementation of existing OIE animal welfare standards for the transport of livestock by land, sea and air, the slaughter of animals for human consumption and the killing of animals for disease control purposes, the Conference set the scene for future development of standards and priorities on scientific research.

Need asserted
Over 400 participants, including OIE national Delegates and national animal welfare focal points, Deans of veterinary faculties, heads of national animal welfare research institutes , representatives of partner i nternational organisations , regulatory officials, and representatives of international organisations, non-governmental and farmers’ organisations, asserted the need for the development of additional OIE standards and scientific research in animal welfare.

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