Purdue University 2008 pork industry handbook

30-06-2008 | |

Purdue University is offering the 2008 Pork Industry Handbook to help pork producers through the tough times they are facing.

The aim of the 2008 Pork Industry Handbook, with more than 1,400 pages, is to provide producers with information such as marketing strategies for market hogs to cull sows, the economic impact of genetic improvement and resolving conflicts with employees.  It also has information about alternative feedstuffs and commodity options as price insurance.

The handbook has more than 230 science-based fact sheets authored and reviewed by nearly 500 academic and industry experts from around the country.  The 2008 edition includes 51 articles emphasizing business management, human resources, swine health, facilities and equipment, marketing strategies, statistics, and employee health and safety.

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