Pulses make entire maize plant digestible for pigs

15-09-2014 | |
Pulses make entire maize plant digestible for pigs

German livestock technology company Big Dutchman has developed a process which makes the fibres of full corn plants also digestible for pigs.

This so-called Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) technology is to be installed between a pre-mixer and the liquid feeding tank. The system applies high-voltage electric pulses to a mixture of water and maize. The cell membranes of these crude fibres are changed by the pulses, an essential step to make these nutritional components digestible.

The cell disruption of the feed energy components has been shown to lead to successful finishing and a reduction of costs. An extensive study at the testing centre Futterkamp in northern Germany showed positive results in this respect. The food was perceived to be easier on the pigs’ gastro-intestinal tracts. The increased crude fibre share was seen to affect the pigs’ health positively. From a feed perspective, the entire corn plant can be used instead of only the cob.

Big Dutchman can be found in Hall 11, booth C23.

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