Provimi to focus on dairy and piglets at EuroTier

17-09-2014 | |
Provimi to focus on dairy and piglets at EuroTier

Provimi (part of Cargill) will put focus on two different additives at the EuroTier, one of which is a product for piglets.

Milk replacer for piglets

RescueMilk, part of the RescuePig concept, is a  piglet milk replacer developed by Cargill’s Provimi business. The product has been formulated specifically to replace or to complement the sow¿s milk. It is guaranteed to satisfy the energy and protein requirements of the piglets. Providing the product will help to reduce piglet mortality and improve pre-weaning growth rates and weaning weights. It will also stimulate the development of the digestive tract of the piglet which will contribute to a smooth transition to the dry prestarter diet and help avoid a dip in growth rates.

Provimi can be found in Hall 9, stand 09CO6t and Hall 15, stand 15D15

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